Tailored consulting solutions that help customer success leaders reduce churn and increase revenues

Does this describe you?
  • Struggling to create or accelerate your CS organization and operations
  • Facing multiple CS leadership challenges and are not sure where to start or focus next 
  • Wanting to ensure your software is used correctly and to its highest capabilities in an ever-changing environment

Get our crucial expertise on your team. We will guide your CS ambitions and operations

We Help Clients Achieve Results in 3 Critical Areas


Do more with less.

Take your CS team to the next level with proven strategies and best practices that keep costs down while increasing efficiency and revenue.


Integrate CS into the sales, marketing, accounts, and product development teams. Create a structure that engages the whole organization and goes above and beyond to meet your customers’ needs.


Anticipate your customers’ business problems, identify and solve unrecognized needs before they happen and sustain an effective, long-term relationship with them.

Who We Are

Our team has over 25 years of combined industry experience.

Success Chain helps quickly scale your reach and impact without adding headcount.

Our three co-founders have individual track records of increasing revenues for small, medium and large organizations using Customer Success principles. 

What To Expect

In working with Success Chain, you’ll receive roadmaps, high-converting strategies and deliverables that you can use with our team’s ongoing support and guidance.

  • Deliver faster time-to-value
  • Save at-risk customers
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase renewals
  • Grow revenues

Book a free consultation today with a member of our team to see how we can help you reach your goals faster and sustain them in an ever-changing environment.

Where We Specialize

User Adoption

User Adoption We ensure that your customers use your software to achieve their business goals - and are so happy…


Our programs work regardless of your particular geography, culture or experience level.

Change Management

Change Management We ensure that your customers make the seamless transition from existing software to yours.


Whether you’re an experienced Customer Success leader or relatively new to the field, we can help you drive your revenues…

In essence, we keep your customers properly using your software, and buying more of your software.

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty with our resource-optimizing solutions.

Settling for any clients that aren't churning isn't good enough. Go above and beyond for your clients with our support!

When your client is happy, they renew orders and rave about your business to others. 

Your revenue grows and your customers are happier — everybody wins. What you need to achieve this ‘business nirvana’ is a team dedicated to strengthening customer success.

Ready to take the initiative?

Hear From Our Clients

Srikant Chellappa
President/CEO and Co-Founder

"Success Chain's services have been the driving force in transforming our customer success operations at Engagedly. Their comprehensive customer success evaluation and development roadmap provided

Customer Success Vice President

"Success Chain's unique approach was hugely valuable to our team. We got out of the weeds and thought more strategically about solving the macro challenges that we faced."

CSM Director

"Success Chain developed a very comprehensive on-line program that includes great tools, resources, and best practices that enhanced my knowledge as a leader in Customer Success Management."

Global B2B Customer Success Head
Financial Times

"As a Senior Executive, I continue to apply the Success Chain principles to my work - it transcends industries and is always reliably well thought out, practical and actionable. I started to see things with much more clarity."

Customer-Centric Approach to Scalable Results

What you can expect during an initial consultation
During a consultation call, we will:


  • Listen to you. We get to know your unique goals and needs
  • Share about our capabilities and our approach to driving customer success (so you know what to expect)
  • Give an overview of the  customized solutions we suggest to start solving your business problems and skyrocket revenues
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