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We help businesses build high-impact Customer Success programs that grow revenues!

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Maximize Your Net Recurring Revenue (NRR)

Achieve High-Impact Customer Success

Building a high-impact customer success program that maximizes NRR requires you to address 3 critical need areas. You need to build and optimize the performance of your customer success department, align your entire company around customer outcomes, and engage your customers in a way that they achieve and perceive value.

Success Chain helps you achieve outstanding results in these 3 critical areas!

CS Department

Build and mature your CS organization, structure, processes, tools, metrics, practices.

Provide ongoing professional development and optimize the performance of your customer success team.


Drive customer outcomes-focused culture and practices across your company.

Better align CS with sales, marketing, product, and executives.


Better engage your customers to deliver amazing experiences and outcomes.

Maximize user adoption, increase renewals, expand accounts, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Who We Help

Success Chain helps you, as a Customer Success leader, to build and mature high-impact, scalable, customer success programs. As a result, you generate top management buy-in and produce clear results that are in line with corporate objectives.

We support you wherever you are in your customer success leadership journey:

Customer Success Professional

But in Your First Customer Success Leaderhip Role
We build on your CS expertise to help you lead your first CS team or program

Experienced Leader

But New to Customer Success
We help you apply your proven leadership skills to the field of Customer Success

Experienced Customer Success Leader

But You Need Help to Scale Your Program
We help you fill critical skill and capacity gaps, when you don't have time to do it all!

What Customers Say About Us

Our Reputation

Our team averages more than 20 years of experience per person in Customer Success, user adoption, change and relationship management and technology implementations, within coaching, consulting, and in-house roles. We have worked with and been the executives responsible for Customer growth and success.

We have worked with 60+ Customer Success teams and User Organizations – a Who’s Who of clients – to develop skills and effective operations and improve customer adoption.

We have authored thought leadership, delivered numerous conference presentations, presented webinars, published an award-shortlisted book on Customer Success, shared award-winning blog articles, co-hosted a top-rated CS podcast, and built an accredited CS training program.

Strategic Partner - SmartKarrot

Success Chain is a Strategic Partner with SmartKarrot, the leader in Intelligent Customer Success. 

Our partnership combines SmartKarrot’s next-gen, innovative customer success technology with Success Chain’s high-impact, sustainable customer success services.

The SmartKarrot – Success Chain partnership brings together deep skills in customer success technology and services to unlock the full potential of customer success transformations and place customer-centric B2B organizations on the best path to sustainable, scalable success.


Success Chain’s consulting, coaching, and professional development programs are aligned to and accredited by the Customer Success Association.

The Customer Success Association is the leading global provider of Customer Success research, surveys, and resources and is the creator of the profession’s first industry-recognized Competency Standard.

Success Chain is proud to actively contribute to the definition and evolution of the Customer Success Competency Standard.

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Success Chain brings a refreshingly bold and unique approach to help you quickly develop a high-impact customer success program.

If you are ready to delight customers, accelerate adoption, and increase your net revenue retention (NRR), then we are for you.

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