CS Mastermind & UA Mastermind Are Now Part of Success Chain!

The next great evolution in Customer Success Training & User Adoption Training

Because it's all connected!

We Made Customer Success Mastermind & User Adoption Mastermind Even Better!

You loved our Customer Success Mastermind and User Adoption Mastermind training programs. Now we have made them even better.

Success Chain provides so much more than just training. You get:

  • Success Program – a service plugin based on our proven Learn – Plan – Deliver methodology 
  • Customer Success training AND user adoption/change management training
  • Live, expert-led sessions
  • Online community for both customer success and user adoption/change management professionals
  • Online resource hub
  • And much more

Individual Training & Certification

For Just $5 Per Month!

Are you an individual looking to take your career to the next level? 

Community plus is our program for individuals. You will develop the core skills and knowledge you need to accel in customer success and change management/user adoption. 

Join our Community Plus to get:

  • Access to two foundations courses and earn your certification
  • Access to one live expert-led training session each month
  • Discounts on other Success Chain services, including our career development and coaching services
  • And more to come!
Success Chain

For Your Team!

Training & More

Get More Than Just Training With Our Success Program!

If you are trying to upskill your team and mature your capabilities to drive user adoption and success, then you need our Success Program.

The Success Program is a new, bold concept that will change how you approach driving success. It is designed to be infinitely scalable. Available only to teams, the success program is designed to be shared by a supplier’s customer success staff AND their customers’ internal change management / user adoption staff.

By building the knowledge, skills, and capacity for success of both suppliers and customers, our success program increases benefits for everyone.

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