Customer Success Consulting Accelerators

Tailored consulting solutions that help customer success leaders reduce churn at every development stage.

Consultancy Accelerator Offers Include:

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Your Challenges

Many customer success leaders and teams struggle with the following challenges:

How You Get Value

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How It Works

All our customer success consulting accelerators aim to deliver quick results and are based on an agile sprint-based approach. All offers are structured around our propriety framework, CS OPT-IN² ™.

 Our consulting programs vary in length, and typically require a minimum of six months to perceive progressive impact.  We work in close collaboration with your leadership team/s.

Sprint 1:

Sprint 2:

Sprint 3:

What you Get

You deserve clear actions and outputs to achieve your goals. Success Chain CS consulting accelerators deliver: 
  • Success Metrics & Progress Dashboard:
    • We present data in a comprehensive format, so you can absorb the metrics that matter most
  • Detailed and Customized CS Program Development Roadmap:
    • Used to prioritize and guide your program development sprints.
    • Based on our propriety framework, CS OPT-IN² ™ (Customer Strategy, Organization, Processes, Tools, Information, Internal Change Management).
  • Executive Evaluation & Recommendations Summary:
    • This includes a 1-hour executive review meeting.  We highlight the key strategic orientations and benefits of investing in customer success.
  • Sprint-Specific Deliverables:
    • At the start of each sprint, we agree on the specific activities, outputs, and deliverables you will receive.

Success Chain Consulting Methodology

Success Chain uses our proven, proprietary methodology to deliver all our CS consulting accelerators:
  • Maturity Model Development: apply our maturity model to evaluate your current CS capabilities and to prioritize where you need to focus in the short and long terms. 
  • Bias Toward Action: Define action plans with rapid impact on your customers and your organization. 
  • CS OPT-IN² ™ Framework: our proprietary customer success framework examines all the Customer Strategy, Organization, Process, Tools/Technology, Information (data/KPIs), and Internal Change Management elements to build the CS program you require.  
  • Agility: evolve CS programs through agile sprints, keeping focus and flexibility. 
  • Best-Practice Led: incorporate industry best practices, adapted to ensure your program is focused on what matters most.
  • Accreditation Alignment: providing best practices aligned with industry standards for which Success Chain is accredited (Customer Success Association)