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Success Chain is a unique program that builds the capacity of both suppliers and customers to achieve mutual success. You have never experienced anything like it and probably have a lot of questions. Get your answers below or contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Success Chain program in the FAQs below.  To learn more about the Success Chain community, including free and Community Plus access, go the community pages.

How is Success Chain more than just a training program?

Sure, training is important, but training alone will not deliver the success you seek. You also need the tools and support to apply what you have learned and deliver successful outcomes. Success Chain has you covered!

Success Chain goes beyond traditional training programs to also include the tools, expertise, and support you need to quickly develop high-impact, realistic success plans tailored for your unique needs. We then provide you the support you need to deliver your plans.

Find out more about how our Learn – Plan – Deliver methodology works for you!

Can I really provide Success Chain to hundreds (or thousands) of people for less than the cost of training a small team or hiring a single employee?

Yes! Amazing, right?

When we envisioned Success Chain, we challenged ourselves to find a new business model that would allow us to provide proven, high-impact ongoing development to thousands of people for less than the cost of traditional training programs. We asked ourselves, “what would it look like if we essentially gave away the training for free, without sacrificing quality?”.

We came up with a unique business model that allows us to provide a high-impact, scalable, ongoing program, to a large number of individuals, at the lowest possible cost to you. We do this while also allowing us to grow and sustain our business. Our business model has four parts.

1. Low-Cost Team Subscriptions. We charge a low annual fee that allows hundreds or thousands of individuals to complete our proven training content and join live sessions. Yes, this is the same high-quality training for which we used to charge over $1,000 per person.

2. Annual Renewal Bonus Licenses. You add new customers and staff every year. How will you afford to provide the ongoing and training to all the new people while providing ongoing access to your existing customers and staff? Easy. As long as you renew and your account remains active, you will receive an annual renewal bonus of additional licenses that you can provide to new customers and staff. Your previously assigned licenses remain active, so everyone can continue to access Success Chain! How great is that?

3. Offer Premium Add-Ons.  We designed the core Success Chain program content to address the fundamental challenges that are common to 80% of organizations. We do this in a scalable, one-to-many approach. We then offer premium tools, services, and support for an additional charge to those organizations that need help with their additional unique needs.

4. Partner and Affiliate Relationships. Many of our customers need additional tools and services to optimize and scale their programs. We save you time and have done the hard work of researching and curating a variety of third-party tools, resources, and services that we believe can help.  We may have an affiliate or partner relationship with some (but not all) of the curated resources.  If you choose to purchase one of these items, we may receive a small commission from the supplier. There is no additional charge to you, and in some cases you might even receive a discount by purchasing from our referral links. Using our referral links allows us to keep our subscription prices low, so everyone wins. After all, we are all connected!

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Success Chain is a "service-plugin". How does it enhance my existing customer success, digital transformation, change management, or user adoption program?

Success Chain is designed to quickly mature your existing success program, allowing you to expand your reach and impact, faster and cheaper than you can on your own.

Your organization probably has tremendous expertise in the products and services that you sell. But where you probably struggle is to deliver change management and success programs that help people embrace and adopt what you sell. To be successful you need a comprehensive program that combines your product or service training and expertise with expertise in driving change, adoption, and success.

You bring the product and service expertise. We bring the change management, adoption, and success expertise. Together they make an exceptionally powerful program that delights customers and grows your business!

Why do it on your own? Let’s face it, hiring proven expertise in change management, user adoption, digital transformation, and customer success is expensive. Then, building a comprehensive training program that can be shared with hundreds or thousands of people is a slow, time-consuming process. Then there is the effort and expense of providing the ongoing support and program enhancements.  Can you afford the time and expense to do this? Why put yourself through this hassle, when you can better focus your internal resources elsewhere?

Contact us to learn more about how Success Chain enhances your existing success program.

We are just starting on our success journey and do not have an existing program. Does Success Chain work for us?


Success Chain is a great way to immediately start helping your customers achieve more success using your products or services than they can on their own!

It takes time, staff, resources, and expertise to build and mature a customer success program. You can’t afford to wait. Why not share Success Chain with your customers so they are better able to drive their own success today?

Our mutual success program also offers the training, consulting, coaching, and additional services to help quickly build, launch, and scale customer success programs. Contact us to learn more about how you can immediately benefit from Success Chain and how we can help you build a high-impact success program in your organization. 

Does Success Chain work with low, medium, and high-touch customer success programs?

Yes! Success Chain enhances your customer success program, regardless if it is low, medium, high-touch or a combination.

Success Chain builds the expertise of both suppliers and customers. As a supplier, when you provide access to Success Chain to your customers, you build their expertise and capacity to deliver their own success.  This enables them to achieve more value using your products or services, while requiring less support directly from you!

Low & Tech-Touch. Our unique team subscription model allows you to automatically share a Success Chain link with your customers so they can self-register with your team. You can embed this link directly in your low/tech-touch onboarding messages. Your low-touch customers can then work to drive their own success.

Medium & High-Touch. Our Learn – Plan – Deliver methodology is specifically designed to help unite customers and suppliers and focus both parties on achieving their mutual success goals.  While the “learn” portion provides role-specific education, the “plan” and “deliver” portions include specific collaborative actions.  These actions streamline medium and high-touch programs, improve the effectiveness of your success efforts and drive better results for both customers and suppliers.

How does Success Chain help with change management, user adoption, and digital transformation?

Success Chain helps you build and deliver high-impact change management, user adoption, and digital transformation programs. Our Learn – Plan – Deliver approach supports you every step of the way.

Success Chain provides role-specific education, tools, and content so that all members of your organization are clear on what they need to do, why, and when to ensure your change and transformation efforts are successful.

Success Chain helps:

Executives. Executives have lots of demands for their time and attention. Success Chain provides very targeted content to help executives quickly better lead and champion change efforts, and ensure precious internal resources are focused where they can have the best impact. Executives increase their knowledge of change management practices. They learn the right questions they need to ask their internal teams to assign and align efforts and master the actions they deliver to model effective leadership behaviors.

IT Staff. Most IT staff are great technologists, but often they have not been exposed to change management and user adoption methodologies. Success Chain provides IT staff the tools and education they need to make sure they not only deliver great systems, but also take the actions necessary to ensure they are adopted and deliver clear, measurable value to organizations.

Change Managers / Project Managers / User Adoption / Digital Transformation Leaders & Teams.  If you or your team are accountable for driving change and ensuring systems are used to deliver clear, measurable business outcomes, then Success Chain is for you! Success Chain gives you the training, tools, and expertise to build strategic and operational level success plans. You also get the support and expert guidance to execute your plans and deliver the outcomes your organization needs.

Managers / Supervisors of End-Users. Managers and supervisors are the single biggest driver of change and end-user adoption. Yet, amazingly enough, they are often overlooked when it comes to driving change and delivering outcomes. Success Chain helps managers understand their role in driving change and adoption within their teams. It then gives them the tools and support they need to make it happen. The best way you can drive change and adoption in your organization is to have every manager and team supervisor actively participate in Success Chain!

Learn more about all the ways Success Chain can improve your change management, user adoption, and digital transformation programs!

Does Success Chain actually work?


Success Chain is an evolution of our proven training, coaching, mentoring and consulting programs. It is based on our time-tested and enhanced programs that have delighted small, medium and enterprise customers for years. We continue to enhance and update our program so it will continue to meet evolving needs for years to come.

How is this program infinitely scalable?

Success depends on getting as many individuals – in your organization and in your customers’ organizations – to change. This means you need to help educate and build the capacity for change and success in all of these individuals. This is hard, if not impossible, for most teams to do on their own.

Success Chain is uniquely designed to help thousands of individuals. We take a “teach a man to fish” approach where we develop the knowledge, skills, and capacity for change and success. We then provide the courses, plans, tools, templates and support individuals need to drive their own success. 

By developing the individuals capacity to drive their own (and their organization’s) success, each individual is able to achieve more on their own, while requiring less support from suppliers. This is how Success Chain helps you scale your reach and impact.

Success Chain is developed and delivered by experts in change management, user adoption, digital transformation, and customer success. We bring a unique blend of knowledge and expertise, coupled with a highly effective mix of techniques to build your success capacity at scale.

These include:

  • Role-specific online learning and development
  • Expert-led, live group sessions (in a virtual one-to-many format) that support you in each step of your learn – plan – deliver journey
  • Optional services for advanced, unique needs
  • Proven tools, templates, plans, and support
  • Third-party services, tools, products, and software that enable you to deliver fast, low-cost success at scale

How do I give Success Chain access to my staff and customers?

It is super easy!

When you setup your subscription, you are prompted to name your team. Your team account is automatically created (you are the default team administrator) with the number of licenses included in your membership plan.

You can assign licenses:

1. Manually. You can manually enter the contact information and assign a license to individuals.

2. Team Signup Link. You are provided a unique team sign-up link that you can share and people can self-register. This is a great option for large teams or if you want to embed the link in your automated welcome and onboarding emails.

3. Delegated Team Administrator. You can create and assign team administrator rights to multiple delegated administrators. These administrators can then manage the license assignment on your behalf.

How does Success Chain compare to training courses?

Success Chain is so much more than just training! In fact, one of the reasons we built Success Chain is because traditional training programs alone fall short and don’t deliver the outcomes you need.

 Here are some of the key differences.

1. More than just training! Most of our competitors just offer training, and then leave it up to you to figure out how to apply what you have learned. Using our Learn – Plan – Deliver methodology, we guide you each step of the way. In addition to our proven training, we also provide live, ongoing support to help you benefit from your learning.

2. Ongoing Program. Most companies simply provide a one-off training course. Success Chain is an ongoing program that provides progress learning and professional development. We are constantly developing new training materials AND providing live, expert-led virtual sessions. You are constantly growing your knowledge and skills in reply to fast-paced business transformation needs.

3. Content for both customers and suppliers. Our program is designed to be used by both customers and suppliers so that both parties can collaborate most effectively. Customers benefit from proven courses on change management, user adoption, and digital transformation. Suppliers benefit from courses on customer success. Also, since Success Chain membership provides access to the full suite of our core training courses, we encourage suppliers and customers to cross-train and take additional courses that enable them to better collaborate.

4. Scalable and affordable! The Success Chain business model is structured so that we can deliver our training courses at very affordable prices. While our competitors charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars per person, we charge a mere fraction of this price, providing our high-quality training program to hundreds or thousands of people. When doing the maths, Success Chain costs much less than what it costs to provide more traditional training to just a few people.

And yes, you get access to the same full training program with proven content that we have used and perfected over years. And since we are constantly developing new content, you always have access to the latest thinking and industry best practices. 

All told, you get access to more proven content that you share with more people, at a substantially lower price! What could be better?

How do we get access to experts?

All Success Chain members get access to a variety of experts in a variety of formats. You can get expert help from:

1. Live Sessions. We hold regular live, group sessions to support you in your learn-plan-deliver journey. Live sessions are in an online group format. We share information and recommendations and take questions from online participants.

2. Premium (Optional) Services. We offer a variety of private coaching, mentoring and consulting services that help you address your unique needs and challenges. Discounts are offered on select services for Success Chain members.

3. Online Community. Success Chain members get access to our online community where they can ask questions, build their network, share advice, and engage with Success Chain experts.

You can find our services in the Success Hub Store. Please contact us with any questions.

Is there a free trial or money-back guarantee?

Of course!

All Success Chain team memberships come with a 30-day free trial. Simply join today and you will get immediate access to the full Success Chain program. If you don’t want to continue for any reason, simply cancel online within the first 30 days and there will be no charge to you.

If you decide to continue (and we think you will), you don’t need to do anything else. Your team subscription will automatically continue and your credit card will be charged according to the membership level and billing plan (annual or monthly) you selected.

You can review our pricing page for full details about the subscription terms and process.

Is there a certification for customer success professionals?

Upon completion of the customers success foundations course (included in Community Plus and the Mutual Success Program) a certification is delivered. Success Chain however goes beyond learning and certification. That’s certainly a beginning but Success Chain also focused on execution via our Learn – Plan – Deliver (LPD) methodology. The online content and live sessions of our LPD methodology are also being aligned with the worldwide Customer Success Competency Standard. 

How do I get started?

We are thrilled that you are ready to join Success Chain! 

Simply select your membership plan and get started today!

All membership plans come with a 30-day free trial, so there is no risk to you!