Customer Success Services

Solve your customer success challenges!

Because it's all connected!

Get the Results You Need in 3 Critical Areas

Leading Customer Success programs that deliver clear, measurable results is a constant challenge. We provide the customer success services, tools, and support you need to build your customer success, change management, and user adoption capacity.

Success Chain team members have the experience and expertise to address all 3 key areas to help you deliver results that impress. We have, “been there and done that.”  We know the questions to ask and the blockers to avoid.  

Working with Success Chain, you achieve greater results faster, more effectively, and with less stress than you can on your own. Let us help you achieve greatness!

CS Department

Build and mature your CS organization, structure, processes, tools, metrics, practices.

Provide ongoing professional development and optimize the performance of your CS team.


Drive customer outcomes focused culture and practices across your company.

Better align CS with sales, marketing, product, and executives.


Better engage your customers to deliver amazing experiences and outcomes.

Maximize user adoption, increase renewals, expand accounts, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Evolve Your Customer Success Department

Success Chain helps you build and mature a high-functioning, high-impact customer success team and department. From playbooks and processes, to Customer Success skills and professional development, we have you covered!

Popular Success Chain services include:

  • Defining Customer Success strategies and organization
  • Creating team structure and organizational designs
  • Building customer segmentation plans and journey maps
  • Creating digital (low-touch), medium & high-touch customer success programs
  • Providing customer success professional development services
  • Optimizing CS roadmap definition and follow-up based on our OPT-IN™ methodology

Align Your Company on Customer Success

Customer Success is more than just a department! We help you embed a focus on customer-outcomes across your entire organization.

Using our change management expertise, we help you:

  • Develop corporate-wide vision and buy-in for a CS mindset (not just a department)
  • Align internal departments around customer success: sales, marketing, product, and CS
  • Manage change within your organization
  • Improve renewals, retention, and expansions – increase Net Revenue Retention!

Empower Your Customer to Succeed

Applying our deep expertise in user adoption, we help you better engage your customers so they quickly achieve and perceive maximum value from your products and services.

Improve the way you engage customers to:

  • Optimize onboarding to achieve faster time to value
  • Help customer stakeholders better succeed in their roles to drive adoption and performance
  • Provide tools and methods so customers accelerate their own user adoption
  • Optimize measurement and perception of added value for customers