Success Chain

Deliver High-Impact Change Management and User Adoption Programs that Maximize Results!

Because it's all connected!

A Faster, Easier Way to Increase User Adoption and Achieve Better Business Results!

Success Chain

Our success program helps you:

  • Improve user adoption of your IT systems, so you achieve better business results
  • Plan and manage change and digital transformation
  • Help employees embrace new technology and new ways of working
  • Deliver faster time to value with new software launches 
  • Onboard new employees and quickly get them proficient on your systems and processes
  • Improve internal collaboration and performance

Improve All Your Change & User Adoption Efforts

The Success Chain program is a “service plug-in” that boosts the reach and impact of your change management, user adoption, and digital transformation efforts.

If you are starting a new change program, or have an existing effort underway, our success program can help!

The success program fills critical skill, process, and delivery gaps so that you drive faster, easier, adoption of new processes and systems.  It helps you:

  • Train internal staff on change management and user adoption processes and methods
  • Improve communication and collaboration across all stakeholders
  • Deliver faster, cheaper, scalable, and high-impact change and transformation efforts without adding headcount
  • Improve user adoption, increase your business results, and deliver faster growth 

Success Chain helps quickly scale your reach and impact without adding headcount!

Success Chain
Success Chain

Success Planning

Build Success Plans that Deliver Great Results!

It is terrifying how many organizations make huge investments in tools, software, and technology without any idea how they are going to ensure it is used effectively to deliver clear business outcomes and success.

Success Chain helps you build realistic, high-impact success plans that make sure everyone achieves their goals. Use our planning tools and process to clearly identify what outcomes you seek and the steps customers and suppliers will take to make it happen.

Your Success Plan becomes a blueprint for your immediate and long-term actions, while also identifying how all parties will achieve their respective goals year after year.

Role-Specific Content & Services

Learning how to manage change, drive user adoption, transform organizations, and deliver amazing customer success services are skills that we all require, yet few people have developed.

Success Chain builds the skills and expertise in managing change and driving adoption that everyone in your organization needs.  We do it in short, easy to consume way so that everyone is able to comfortably and confidently embrace new ways of working.

The success program provides targeted role-specific content so everyone can focus on what is most important to them. Specific training and content is available for:

  • Executives responsible for ensuring success across their organization
  • Change management & user adoption teams responsible for delivering change and user adoption programs
  • Managers of end-users who are responsible for driving user adoption by their teams/direct-reports (coming soon)

Our unique program structure and approach lets you provide the focused, high-quality education to everyone who needs it. Imagine how much faster, easier, and cheaper it will be to achieve your goals if everyone has the knowledge and skills to make it happen. 

Success Chain makes it happen!

Success Chain
Success Chain

Success Chain for ALL Your Software Investments!

The ultimate power and benefit of Success Chain is that it can be applied to ALL your software and technology investments!

Our Learn – Plan – Deliver methodology makes it easy for you to identify the specific business outcomes you need to achieve and how you will get there, regardless of which specific tool, technology, service, or software you purchase. 

Once you have mastered the Success Chain techniques you will want to use them on ALL your technology investments across you organization!

How The Success Program Works

Our program includes easy steps to quickly deliver sustainable results!

Our Success Chain program combines online self-paced learning modules and weekly live expert-led sessions where suppliers and their customers may participate, together. You learn, plan, and deliver together so that every supplier and customer in the success chain creates a perpetual win-win-win success motion.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Purchase a Team Subscription (Risk Free Trial)

Our Success Program is sold via a team license that is priced and structured to encourage you to share it with as many individuals as possible.  All team licenses come with a 30-day free trial, so there is zero risk to you!

  • Team licenses are available for 200, 1,000, or 3,000 users – so everyone gets access to the program!
  • Contact us for custom quotes to provide access to more than 3,000 individuals.
  • Review our FAQs to learn about our unique team-based subscription model  and pricing .

Step 2: Distribute Licenses Internally & Share With Your Partners

  • Provide access to the success program to your internal staff, partners, customers or suppliers.
  • Give a license to anyone inside or outside your organization, so they can build their own capacity to drive success with your products 
  • Administer your own team license allocations and delegate license administration to others
    • Manually: Directly add the specific name and email for each desired participant
    • Automated: Send a link where people can self-register to your team license (perfect for automated onboarding)
Success Chain - Manage Teams

Step 3: Participate in the Program With ALL Stakeholders

Success Chain

All of your key stakeholders participate in the program with you, so everyone knows what they need to do and why. You can include your partners, customers, and suppliers in the program, so everyone is aligned and better able to contribute to your success.

  • Everyone focuses on shared success goals
  • Everyone learns to drive change, increase adoption, and achieve their goals using your products and services
  • Everyone has defined success plans that specify  the specific actions each person will take to achieve success. 
  • Everyone gets access to full success  program, tools, resources, and experts

As a result:

  • Your stakeholders better adopt your software so you achieve greater business outcomes
  • You reduce the time, effort, stress, hassle, and wasted resources that come from ineffective change efforts and under utilized systems
  • You increase the value and ROI received from your technology investments

Start Today Risk-Free!

Don’t wait! The sooners you get started, the sooner you and your customers will see results!

  • 30 Day Free trial!
  • Signup now and share with your staff, partners, customers and suppliers.
  • 200 team licenses start at just $499 per month – much cheaper than hiring dedicate change management staff and outside consultants!
  • Get immediate access to the full success program, live events, and success experts.

See our FAQs and pricing to learn how our program is infinitely scalable.

Success Chain

Membership Options

Are you looking for more licenses or a tailored membership program? Contact Us to get a custom quote that meets your unique needs.