How it Works

Success Chain is a Fresh Approach to Delivering Customer Success and User Adoption Programs!

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How It Works

The Success Chain℠ Success Program is a professional service plug-in that enhances user adoption, digital transformation and customer success programs. It fills critical skill, process, and delivery gaps so that customers get more value from the supplier’s products and services.

We provide an on-going learning, development, and delivery program that empowers suppliers and their customers, providing the resources to continually create high-levels of success.

The Success Chain program combines online self-paced learning modules, tools, templates, and weekly live expert-led facilitated sessions where suppliers and their customers may participate together.

You can learn, plan, and deliver together so that every supplier and customer in the success chain creates a win-win perpetual success motion.

Success Chain - How it Works

3 Step Process

The 3-step program uses our proven Learn, Plan, Deliver methodology. During each step, you receive expert-led facilitation, online materials, tools, templates and more so that you confidently take actions that increase your success.

Step 1


You receive bite-sized online and live training, targeted by role, to elevate your change management and customer success skills, drive effective user adoption, increase value, and improve success.

Step 2


You use streamlined planning templates to build a high-impact, realistic, success plans that ensure both customer and supplier achieve their unique business goals. We provide expert guidance and coaching every step of the way.

Step 3


You work your success plan to achieve more results than you ever have before! We continue to provide materials, support, and expert guidance to keep you on track and help you respond to emerging needs.

Access For Everyone!

Success Chain is designed to help everyone that impacts the success of customers and their own company. Our structure and team pricing model makes it possible for you to build the knowledge, expertise and capacity for both internal company staff (at suppliers) and customer staff (at customers).

Suppliers:  Provide access to all your internal stakeholders that impact customer outcomes and success. You can also provide access to key customer stakeholders so they can better drive their internal success getting value from your products.

Customers: Provide access to all your staff that need to drive change, user adoption and transformation. This includes executives, change and transformation managers as well as direct managers/supervisors of end-users.

Success Chain

Role-Specific Content & Services

Customers and suppliers can collaborate jointly in the success program.

You receive role -specific content and services for the following stakeholders:

For Customers

Executives:  You define success, allocate resources, model behaviors, and ensure results.

Project Leaders, Transformation and Success Professionals: You work at the organizational level to build the detailed success plans and lead the delivery effort to ensure you achieve your success goals.

Managers & Supervisors:  You lead the effort to drive effective user adoption and collaboration within your specific teams.

For Suppliers

Customer Success Professionals: You collaborate with your customers to ensure they generate optimized results from their investment. You collaborate on the detailed mutual success plans.

When to Use Success Chain

Success Chain helps solve different challenges for internal user adoption and digital transformation programs, as well as externally-facing customer success programs. The success program is great for:

For Customers:

  • Planning or launching new software deployments
  • Improving or “rescuing” existing live software deployments that suffer low user adoption
  • Evolving and sustaining use of existing systems
  • Managing major transformations, such as pivoting to/from remote work, mergers/acquisitions,  compliance with new regulations, etc.

For Suppliers:

  • Improving Customer Onboarding
  • Training new and existing customer success staff
  • Maturing your customer success program
  • Scaling your customer success program and impact
  • Aligning internal departments and teams

Learn the many ways that the Success Chain program delivers benefits to you and your customers, so you are all more successful!