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The Success Chain mutual success community is the place where everyone connects to discuss, share, and learn how they can better drive success for everyone. It is your place to get new ideas from experts and peers about the steps and actions you need to take to drive success in your organization and with your customers.
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Free For Everyone

The mutual success community is free for everyone. Simply join for free and immediately begin:

  • Posting updates on your timeline and share resources to help others
  • Participating in community discussion forums
  • Joining dedicated community groups to engage on special topics of interest
  • Creating your own public or private group to engage your audience on mutual success
  • Building your profile and highlight your professional accomplishments and interests
  • And much, much more

By engaging in a mutual success community where both customers and suppliers participate, you increase your ability to learn, understand each other’s needs, and take actions to drive mutual success. Everybody wins!

Get Even More With Community Plus

Community Plus is a premium subscription that gives you access to all the core community benefits plus a whole lot more!

For just $5 per month (or $50 annually) you get these incredible additional benefits:

  • Access to our online foundations training courses: “Customer Success Foundations” course and “Software User Adoption Foundations”! 
  • Discounts on select Success Chain premium services, such as our career jump-start and private coaching and mentoring services
  • Access to members-only live virtual training and online events (about once a month)
  • Advance registration and access to special events
  • And more to come
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Training With Community Plus!

With Community Plus, you benefit from affordable access ($5 per month) to two of our highly recommended online foundations courses (more than $1,000 in value)!

These courses quickly give you the core information you need to help deliver high-impact user adoption, digital transformation, and customer success programs.

Software Adoption Foundations

The Software Adoption Foundations course provides the core knowledge you need to become an expert in user adoption, change management, and digital transformation.

Change doesn’t just stop when a system first goes live. It continues every day. That is why we go beyond traditional change management to help you plan and deliver ongoing change and user adoption programs that deliver sustained success!

You will:

  • Learn to plan for long-term, sustained success and identify the key actions necessary to achieve it
  • Identify technical, procedural, and organizational barriers that prevent success and develop mitigation strategies to ensure you achieve your goals
  • Master proven tactics to help you accelerate adoption and success before go-live, at go-live, and after go-live
  • Develop skills in group development, conflict management, and team alignment to ensure all parties collaborate effectively
User Adoption Foundations
Success Chain - Customer Success Foundations

Customer Success Foundations

The growth foundations training covers the operational and tactical practices and skills required to be effective in multiple customer success roles.

We also include often overlooked less tangible skill sets: e.g. soft skills, change management (external and internal), software adoption methodologies for buyers and how to talk about and measure value with customers. 

You will:

  • Learn to have effective, value-focused conversations (joining dots to the bottom line) 
  • Master proven tactics you can use to increase user adoption and business outcomes before, at and after go-live
  • Increase your soft skills (trust, client engagement, objection handling, leadership, conflict…) 
  • Gain advanced skills in the most effective change management & software adoption techniques 
  • Receive a certification of completion after the foundations course