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Team Pricing

Success Chain memberships are sold on a team basis. You purchase for your team and then you distribute membership licenses to individuals.  You can provide licenses to anyone (inside or outside your organization). 

We recommend providing licenses to your customers as part of their initial onboarding, so that they can better drive their own success using your products in their organization. 

Infinitely Scalable Success

Annual Renewal Bonus!

Each year on the 12-month anniversary of your membership purchase, you automatically receive a “renewal bonus” of new, additional Success Chain program licenses. This way you can continue to provide the benefits of your Success Chain membership to new customers and staff, without breaking your budget! Amazing!


USD 5,089 Per Year
Save 15%


USD 8,159 Per Year
Save 15%


USD 16,309 Per Year
Save 15%

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your price and membership questions answered!

IS there a free-trial / risk-free guarantee ?

Of course! All team membership places come with a 30-day free trial.

Simply select your membership plan and join to get access to the full Success Chain program. 

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial and your will not be charged.

If you decide to continue, your subscription will automatically be billed to the credit card at the end of the free trial period.

How do your subscriptions work?

Success Chain is a membership program with a unique subscription model. Please carefully review these terms and structure prior to purchase.

Subscription Terms:

  • Success Chain memberships are sold on an annual, “active” team subscription basis.
  • Billing is either annually (single-payment up-front) or monthly. A 15% discount is offered when annual up-front billing is selected.
  • Your team membership automatically renews each year until canceled.
  • Your subscription is “active” as long as all payments are made on-time or until canceled.
  • You can change your membership plan at any time.
  • You purchase on behalf of your team. You then have full control and responsibility for assigning each license to the named individual of your choice.
  • You may designate team license managers that can assign licenses on your behalf.

What happens with my initial purchase?

With your initial purchase, you receive the full number of licenses that you can distribute to named-individuals.

  • All licenses provide full access to the Success Chain program. Each individual must have their own licenses.
  • Licenses may not be shared or transferred. 
  • Licenses must be distributed and activated within 12 months of purchase. Unassigned or inactivated licenses will be forfeited at the end of the annual membership period and do not carry-over to the next year.

What is my annual "Renewal Bonus"? Do I really get additional licenses each year?

Yes!. Amazing, huh?

Success Chain is designed to be infinitely scalable! We make it easy for you to assign licenses to new customers and staff, while retaining access for previously license holders.

Here is how it works:

  • With your initial purchase, you receive the number of licenses included in your membership plan (minimum of 200 licenses).
  • These licenses must be assigned to named individuals within 12 months of the purchase date.
  • Your subscription remains “Active” while all payments are received on-time or until you cancel.

For active subscriptions:

  • All individuals who have previously been assigned a license will retain access to Success Chain for as long as your subscription remains active (renewed on time).
  • Each year on the 12-month anniversary of your initial purchase date, you will automatically receive additional new licenses that you can allocate to new individuals.
  • The number of new licenses varies based on your subscription(s). 

Here is a quick example:

  • On November 15, 2020, you purchase the “Start” membership plan that includes 200 hundred licenses. You allocate these 200 hundred licenses to your existing staff and customers.
  • On November 15, 2021 you receive an additional 200 new licenses that you assign to new customers and staff. 
  • The previously assigned licenses holders retain their access as well.
  • You now have 400 individuals who are growing their skills, capacity, and expertise to drive success!

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. Your credit card will automatically be charged at the beginning of each billing period (monthly or annually), until canceled.  While all renewal payments are received on-time, your team membership is “active” and all previously purchased licenses receive full access to the Success Chain program.

Can I really assign my team licenses with internal staff and external customers/partners?

Yes! We encourage you to assign your team licenses with as many people as possible.

The goal of Success Chain is to help bring together suppliers and customers to increase the success for everyone. To do this, we want to elevate the knowledge, skills, confidence and resources of all connections (staff, customers, partners, and others).

Check out the use-cases for Success Chain to learn who will benefit from receiving one of your team licenses.

How do I assign licenses to my staff and customers?

It is so easy!

When you purchase your team membership, you create a name for your team. You are automatically designated as a team administrator and have full control to assign licenses.  

3 Ways to assign licenses:

  • Manually. You use the Success Chain portal to manually enter the name and email of each individual to whom you want to assign a license. They will automatically receive an invite with  a link to accept your licenses.
  • Delegated Administrators. You can assign license administration rights to anyone in your team. This will allow them to manually manage license assignment on your behalf.
  • Distribute a link. You receive a unique link that you can share with anyone (inside or outside your organization) to allow them self-register for your team. They will automatically be assigned one of your team licenses when they click the link. This option is great for automating access to Success Chain as part of your customer onboarding program!

Can membership licenses be shared or re-assigned?

Sorry, no. The Success Chain program is designed to provide learning to as many individuals as possible, and that is why our membership packages start with 200 licenses.

Once a license has been assigned to an individual, that license can only be used by that individual. Licenses and login information cannot be shared or re-assigned to multiple people.

If you find you need additional licenses, you can switch to a membership plan that provides more licenses. Contact us if you have questions or need a customer membership package to accommodate very large teams (more than 3,000 licenses). 

Can I cancel at any time?

We will be sorry to see you go, but we understand sometimes it is necessary.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. All of your previously purchased licenses will retain access to Success Chain through the end of your billing cycle (monthly or annually).

Can I get a refund if I cancel early?

Nope. Instead, we offer a 30-day free trial at the beginning of your Success Chain membership. During this period you can explore all of Success Chain and see if the program is right for you and your teams, but we are unable to provide refunds once a purchase is complete.

What is included in my membership?

Your membership program will vary based on your subscription, so be sure to check each subscription carefully.

All memberships receive access to all standard program content, tools, and services. This includes access to our standard learning content, planning templates, delivery resources, and live expert-led sessions.

We do offer a variety of premium content and optional services that are available for an additional charge.