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It’s not what your software does that is important. It’s what people do with your software that truly matters.

Getting a system live and people trained is the easy part. Getting people to use your system to deliver great results is the hard part. 

Success Chain makes it easy and affordable for you to get people to use your software, so you get the business results and growth you need!




4 Ways Success Chain Helps You Achieve Greater Success!

We provide the tools, services, and support you need to build your change management, user adoption, and customer success capacity. You achieve greater results faster, more effectively, and cheaper than you can working on your own. We provide:

Success Chain
For Teams

Success Program

A service plug-in for transformation, user adoption, change management, and customer success. Build your capacity and share with others.

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Success Chain

Training & Consulting

Advanced training and consulting services, delivered by experts, to address your unique needs. Jump start your success today.

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Success Chain Community


Learn from peers and build your network. Our community is for change management, transformation, user adoption and customer success professionals.

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Success Chain

Success Hub

Get the recommended tools, software, services and resources that will help you deliver high-impact transformation and customer success programs.

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Master Your Success Chain
to Get the Results You Want!

In any given situation, you are either the supplier or the customer. Regardless of your role, your success is inextricably linked to the success of the other party. Neither can succeed if the other fails.

The Success Chain model below highlights how in the subscription economy the success of suppliers and customers is inextricably linked.

Success Chain - Link

Your Success Is linked!

When you are the customer, you only buy more after you've solved your immediate business problems and achieved your goals as a result of using the tools and services provided by your supplier.

When you are the supplier, you only increase sales and grow your organization after your customer has successfully achieved their desired business goals and they decide to renew.

Success Cycles

Each Renewal is a New Success Cycle

Every time you enter into a renewal, you start a new cycle of linked success.

If the customer is getting value, they continue to renew and expand. Each renewal and expansion decision is directly linked to the value they have achieved and perceived in the previous renewal.

Success Chain

Success Cycles are Linked - Forming Your Success Chain!

Every success cycle is linked to the cycle before. This linkage between both parties achieving success is what makes your Success Chain!

Your goal is to make your Success Chain as long and strong as you can.

The New Rules of Success

The old rules between suppliers and customers have changed.
You need to change too.

In today’s subscription economy, the old rules and relationships between suppliers and customers have changed. You need to change too.

Gone are the days where the supplier made a large, up-front sale, and then left the customer to achieve success on their own. Today:

  1. The success of customers and suppliers is inextricably linked. The success of both parties is dependent on the success of the other. Neither can succeed if the other fails.
  2. Customers struggle to achieve success on their own. Customers lack the expertise and resources to manage change, drive user adoption, and achieve success from using the suppleir’s products. Customers rely on suppliers to provide the resources and services to achieve their business goals.
  3. Customers need strong, financially viable suppliers that continuously evolve their products and services. This ensures the suppliers’ tools continue to meet the customer’s evolving needs.
  4. Suppliers need long-term relationships with customers that deliver the reoccurring revenue the supplier needs to grow and evolve their products and services.
  5. Suppliers need customer expansions, feedback, references, testimonials and social proof to grow and achieve success. These only come if the customer first achieves success.
In short, customers and suppliers have shared self-interests in helping the other achieve their business goals and grow. 

Success Chain helps both customers and suppliers achieve success
and grow their organizations!

Success Program

Go Beyond Training with Our Success Program!

Our Success Program is a refreshingly new, unique, high-impact approach to quickly building, delivering and sustaining transformation and success programs. 

It is a service plug-in that enhances new or existing  digital transformation, change management, user adoption, and customer success programs.

It is infinitely scalable and designed to work with low, medium, and high-touch programs. Our Success Program is:

  • Designed and priced for large-scale participation, so everyone learns and develops the skills they need to achieve success
  • Takes a “teach a man to fish” approach that builds the success capabilities of both customers and suppliers
  • Based on our “Learn, Plan, Deliver” methodology to support you throughout every step of the success process
  • Intended for both customers and suppliers, so both parties achieve their business goals and desired growth

Many organizations make the mistake of investing in expensive training programs that are attended by just a few individuals, only to be disappointed when this doesn’t result in improved performance. With the Success Chain program, you get s0 much more than just training. You get all of the education, tools, templates, and ongoing support you need to achieve your business goals.

What's Included in Your Program

Our Success Chain program combines online self-paced learning modules and weekly live expert-led sessions with the tools, templates, methodologies, best practices, services and ongoing support necessary to put your training into actions that delivers results.

Suppliers and their customers may participate together in the Success Program. You learn, plan, and deliver together so that every supplier and customer in the success chain creates a perpetual win-win-win success motion.

1 Ongoing Training
2 Templates & Tools
3 Delivery Support
4 Access to Experts
5 Additional Services
Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Your success program includes access to online training and our live, expert-led training sessions. It includes:

  • Role-specific training for Executives, Change Management/Transformation Teams, and Customer Success teams is included.
  • Customer Success Foundations Course
  • Software User Adoption Foundations Course
  • Live, Expert-Led Sessions
  • Discounts on our premium training courses and programs
Ongoing Training
Templates & Tools

Templates & Tools

We provide the tools, templates, checklists, and more to help you build your success program. Our templates:

  • Define success
  • Identify the steps and actions you need to take to achieve your goals
  • Prioritize and focus on the most important things
  • Reduce your risk
  • Enable you to move faster
  • Facilitate communication by helping you articulate what needs to happen to achieve success


Templates & Tools
Delivery Support

Delivery Support

Training and planning provide you a solid foundation. Yet, it is when you try to deliver that you need the most support.

The success program provides you regular access to expert-led live group sessions where you can get your questions answered and learn from the experiences of others.

The delivery support service included in your success program helps you move forward quickly and with confidence, so you achieve your business goals!

Delivery Support
Access to Experts

Access to Experts

Each step of our Learn, Plan, Deliver program includes live, expert-led group support meetings (delivered via Zoom) so you always have access to experts in user adoption, change management, transformation, and customer success.

You also get full access to our success community, where you can network with other professionals, ask questions, share ideas, and learn industry best practices.

Access to Experts
Additional Services

Additional Services

The success program is designed to help organizations of all sizes quickly increase their expertise and build their success capacity.

For those organizations that have complex or unique needs, or simply need outside expertise to quickly grow, build, or deliver their transformation or success programs, we offer a wide variety of additional training and consulting services. 

Learn more in the Success Hub or contact us to get a custom proposal.

Additional Services

Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting

Get the expert services you need to achieve more

Fast Results

Our experts help you move quickly with confidence
Increase Your Success

Get the Training, Expertise, and Services You Need!

Success Chain’s experts provide full-service training and consulting to both suppliers and customers. We focus on:

  • User Adoption
  • Change Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Success

We provide a variety of pre-defined programs and custom solutions. If you need assistance training your teams, building your programs,  increasing user adoption, and achieving your business goals, we can help! Contact us today to learn more.

Additional Training & Services Offered

1 User Adoption Training
2 User Adoption & Transformation Consulting
3 Customer Success Training
4 Customer Success Consulting
User Adoption Training

User Adoption, Change Management & Digital Transformation Training

Get the knowledge and skills you need to accelerate and maintain effective use of your software. Built for:  

  • Individuals / leaders of user adoption programs 
  • Change management & user adoption teams
  • Executives who are accountable for achieving business results from software investments 
  • Managers & supervisors who need to drive Adoption Within their teams

Get an existing or custom, private training program for your team. Programs can be delivered online, in-person, or in a hybrid model.

User Adoption, Change Management & Digital Transformation Training
User Adoption & Transformation Consulting

User Adoption & Transformation Consulting

We help you every step of the way in your software implementation efforts: 

  • Before go-live: Build user adoption programs that prepare your users
  • At go-live: Accelerate initial user adoption
  • After go-live: Maximize long-term user adoption

We help you build your program, avoid mistakes, and prepare your leaders and end-users for your new software. You get fast user adoption and accelerated business benefits realization once your system goes live.

User Adoption & Transformation Consulting
Customer Success Training

Customer Success Training

You need to develop amazing customer success skills and expertise in yourself and your team. We have the training, coaching, and support you need to: 

  • Deliver impactful customer success services that delight customers and impress your executives
  • Increase your confidence working with customers
  • Proactively lead customers
  • Increase your leadership skills for working with customer & internal teams
  • Compound your learning and growth from ongoing professional development
  • Earn an industry recognized customer success certification
Customer Success Training
Customer Success Consulting

Customer Success Consulting

No matter where you are in your customer success journey, we help you:  

  • Increase customer adoption and improve customer business outcomes
  • Build world-class customer success teams and operations
  • Improve internal alignment and increase executive support for customer success
  • Quickly build your strategy, team, processes and methodology from scratch
  • Prove you can deliver a customer success service that wows customers, increases adoption, reduces churn and expands accounts
  • Drive alignment, effective hand-offs and collaboration across all your internal stakeholders
Customer Success Consulting

If you are looking for a tightly focused, limited time engagement or a long-term, full scale success program, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

Join The Community

Finally a Community for Customers and Suppliers!

The Success Chain community is where customers and suppliers come together to help both achieve success!

Our free community is the place where user adoption, change management, digital transformation, and customer success professionals share ideas, get inspired, and learn new ways to achieve success.

We also offer Community Plus for those individuals who want access to additional training, events, and discounts!

Get Started For Free!

1 Questions & Answers
2 Grow Your Network
3 Career Opportunities
4 Special Interest Groups
5 Events
6 Training & Certification
Questions & Answers

Ask Questions & Get Answers

Do you have a question about change management, transformation, user adoption, or customer success? If so, this is the place for you.

Ask the community for help, share your experiences, and learn something new by posting in our online discussion boards.

Ask Questions & Get Answers
Grow Your Network

Grow Your Network

Join our community to connect with other professionals and expand your network. You can:

  • Create your professional profile
  • Connect directly with other members
  • Follow thought leaders
  • Participate in special interest groups

Join the community today to build your network of success professionals!

Grow Your Network
Career Opportunities

Job Listings, Advice, Recruiters, and Career Services

Take advantage of all the Success Chain community resources. Here you can:

  • Post or review job listings
  • Connect with recruiters
  • Ask questions and get career advice
  • Obtain premium Success Chain career coaching services (discounts for Community Plus members)
Job Listings, Advice, Recruiters, and Career Services
Special Interest Groups

Join Special Interest Groups Focused on Topics You Care About

Do you have a particular passion or expertise in a specific area related to transformation, user adoption, or customer success?

You can create or join special interest groups! Groups have their own discussion area, forums, and messaging capabilities.

If you are a supplier, you can create your own Success Chain group and then invite your prospects and customers to join. It is the perfect place to share resources and have success-focused discussions!

Join Special Interest Groups Focused on Topics You Care About


Come to our community to see what exciting success related events are happening now.

You can:

  • See upcoming Success Chain events
  • Learn about industry events
  • Submit your own event to share with others

Our event board is constantly being updated, so please check back often.

Training & Certification

Get Additional Training & Certification with Community Plus!

For those individuals that are not part of our success program, you can still get great training and certification with our Community Plus memberships.

With Community Plus you get:

  • Customer Success Foundations course & certifcation
  • Software User Adoption Foundations course & certification
  • Access to our monthly "Special Topics" training / live events
  • Discounts on additional premium training and certification courses
Get Additional Training & Certification with Community Plus!

Success Hub

Get The Tools & Resources You Need to Succeed!

Finding the right tools, software, and services to deliver high-impact transformation, user adoption, and customer success programs is time-consuming, confusing, and expensive.

We have done the hard work for you. We have reviewed, curated, and shared the resources that we believe we will help you deliver high-impact success services.

Check out our success hub to learn more. We are constantly adjusting the resources we include in the Success Hub, so check back often!

What's Included in The Success Hub

1 Software & Tools
2 Consulting & Services
3 Premium Training
4 Books & Media
5 Events
6 Free Resources
Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Are you looking for a tool that can help you engage your audience, plan for success, or deliver a high-impact transformation or customer success program? 

Check out the variety of tools and software we recommend.

Software & Tools
Consulting & Services

Consulting & Services

Do you need help crafting your message, advancing your career, or building your success programs? 

Check out the great services offered by Success Chain and third-party providers.

Consulting & Services
Premium Training

Get Additional Training & Education

Do you want to advance your skills or get focused training?

Check out the Success Chain premium training and third-party training options.

Get Additional Training & Education
Books & Media

Books, Podcasts and Other Media

Are you looking for recommended reading, podcasts, and videos? We have them on Success Hub!

Check out the books, podcasts, and other media included in the Success Hub.

Books, Podcasts and Other Media


The Success Chain event calendar includes a list of upcoming Success Chain and industry-wide events.

We are constantly updating our event calendar, so please check back often.

We are always looking for upcoming events of interest to Success Chain members. Contact us if you have an event that you would like us to include in the event calendar.

Free Resources

Free Resources

We provide a variety of free guides, resources, toolkits, and links to external free resources. 

Get your free resources here. 

We are updating our resources on a regular basis, so please check back often to see what is new.

Free Resources

Partners & Affiliates

We take pride in our selection of partners and affiliates included in the Success Hub, and we go to great lengths to present those resources that we believe can truly add value to Success Chain members.

Do you think you have a product or service that helps Success Chain members and want to be included in the Success Hub? Please contact us so we can see if you are good fit and learn how you can get listed in the Success Hub!

We do maintain affiliate or partnership agreements with many (but not all) of the third-parties listed in the Success Hub. When you click a link or purchase a third-party product or service, we may receive a small commission or affiliate fee. These affiliate fees are core to our business model and they are what allow us to keep the prices so low for the Success Program and the Community Plus memberships. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for all your purchases from Success Hub providers.


The Success Chain program is a refreshingly bold and unique approach to solving user adoption, transformation and customer success challenges.

You probably have some questions that you want answered before you buy. Great – we have answers!

Check out our FAQs or contact us and get started with our exciting, risk-free, high-impact success program today!

Success Chain