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Customer Success Consulting

Our tailored customer success consulting services address the main industry challenges faced by customer success leaders and teams at different stages in their development.

Our consulting “accelerator” services include: 

  • Personalized Customer Success Strategy Roadmap + Implementation  
  • Scaling Customer Success Operations  
  • Proving the Value of Customer Success  
  • CS Tech Stack Strategy: Selection and Adoption  
  • Accelerated Adoption of Software 
  • Customer Journey Mapping 

If you are looking for other customer success services, please ask us about our custom solutions solutions.

Customer Success Professional Development

Are you looking for a customer success professional development program that upskills your team AND delivers improved on the job performance?

The Success Chain professional development program is a progressive “on the job” program. The program allows participants to learn, put into practice and shine on the job.

Our winning formula includes great content, exceptional delivery, and ongoing coaching and support that result in improved performance.

Customer Success Interim/Fractional Staffing

Success Chain provides interim & fractional CS staffing services for CS leaders and for CS individual contributors.

You may need a temporary CS leader or front-line staff to cover temporary absences,  such as maternity or paternity leave, a sabbatical year out or to accelerate leadership while searching for the right permanent CS leader.

Success Chain provides you short-term access to the qualified customer success professionals you need to get through brief periods of disruption.

Proven Approach
Tested across multiple industries and companies
of all sizes

Results-Driven Outputs
Using roadmaps, playbooks, strategies, implementation tools

Expertly Tailored
to Your unique
business model
and needs

We prioritize listening to our customers to find the best approach

Specialized Expertise
in change management

Specialized Expertise
in user adoption

What Our Clients Say

Srikant Chellappa
President/CEO and Co-Founder

"Success Chain's services have been the driving force in transforming our customer success operations at Engagedly. Their comprehensive customer success evaluation and development roadmap provided

Customer Success Vice President

"Success Chain's unique approach was hugely valuable to our team. We got out of the weeds and thought more strategically about solving the macro challenges that we faced."

CSM Director

"Success Chain developed a very comprehensive on-line program that includes great tools, resources, and best practices that enhanced my knowledge as a leader in Customer Success Management."

Global B2B Customer Success Head
Financial Times

"As a Senior Executive, I continue to apply the Success Chain principles to my work - it transcends industries and is always reliably well thought out, practical and actionable. I started to see things with much more clarity."

Whether you’re an experienced Customer Success leader, or completely new to the field, we can support you in achieving your goals.

My primary goal is to...

1. Optimize my customer success team's processes and performance

Success Chain helps you build and mature a high-functioning, high-impact Customer Success team. From playbooks and processes to Customer Success skills and professional development, we have you covered!   Once a team has been set up, we will teach you how to train key personnel in best practices, from onboarding new users to following up when it comes time to renew.

We will help you:

  • Define Customer Success strategies and organization
  • Create internal team structure and organizational standards
  • Build customer segmentation plans and journey maps
  • Create digital (low-touch), medium & high-touch Customer Success programs
  • Provide Customer Success professional development services
  • Optimize follow-up strategies based on our OPT-IN™ methodology

2. Align the entire company around customer success outcomes

Customer Success is more than just a department. We help you embed a focus on customer outcomes across your entire organization, thus creating a structure where everyone in your organization goes above and beyond to meet both internal and customers’ needs. 

Using our Change Management expertise, we will help you:

  • Develop corporate-wide vision and buy-in for a Customer Success mindset
    • This goes way beyond instituting a Customer Success department
  • Align sales, marketing, accounts and product development teams around Customer Success
  • Build customer segmentation plans and journey maps
  • Manage change within your organization
  • Improve renewals, retention, and expansions – to increase Net Revenue Retention!

3. Engage customers so they gain ongoing value & increase adoption and renewals

Applying our deep expertise in User Adoption, we will help you better engage your customers so they quickly achieve and perceive maximum value from your products and services. We do this by anticipating and meeting their needs, and identifying unrecognized needs.

Your customers will increase adoption and renewals – everybody wins.

We will help you:

  • Optimize onboarding to achieve faster time to value
  • Help customer-fronting stakeholders better succeed in their roles to drive adoption and performance
  • Provide tools and methods to close functionality gaps so customers accelerate their user adoption
  • Optimize measurement and perception of added value for customers

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