Adopt Chain: Your Path to Higher User Adoption

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Software with Adopt Chain

Are you tired of high churn rates and lost revenue due to low user adoption? Adopt Chain offers a solution. Our expert-led user adoption partner program provides the tools and strategies your customers need to succeed with your software. 

Do You Struggle With Poor User Adoption?

Your Business Challenge

Does this sound familiar?
  • Low Adoption Results in High Churn Rates: Customers don’t renew what they aren’t using.
  • Lost Revenue: Without full adoption, upsell opportunities are minimized.
  • Fewer Advocates: Unsatisfied customers don’t recommend software they don’t use.
  • Competitive Disadvantage: You lose sales to competitors with stronger adoption programs and resources.
The Problem

Most SaaS vendors do not have the internal skills, expertise, or capacity to solve this problem!

  • Software Buyers Do Not Manage Change or Drive User Adoption: Your customers don’t know how to drive adotion.
  • Need for Specialized Expertise: Your customers lack internal skills or require specialized expertise in change management.
  • Your CS Team Lacks Adoption Skills: Most CSMs have little to no experience in change management, hindering their ability to help your customers drive adoption.
  • Overwhelmed Customer Success Team: Your CSMs lack the time and resources to proactively address user adoption challenges with their large customer base.

Benefits for SaaS Vendors

When you part of the Adopt Chain partner program by Success Chain, you help customers increase adoption and success with your software, without adding any additional headcount to your organization.

Consider us a high-impact, low-risk add-on to your customer onboarding and renewal process. Partner with us and realize:

Our Solution: Adopt Chain Partner Program

To address these challenges, we have developed Adopt Chain, a comprehensive partner program for SaaS vendors. This program includes three main components.

Partner with us for one or all of the following:

Master Proactive Software User Adoption Strategies

By educating your customers on change management and user adoption, you empower them to drive adoption of your platform directly in their organization.


Success Chain partners with you to provide live, expert-led group change management and user adoption coaching sessions to your user community.


We provide comprehensive user adoption consulting services to help your customers manage change and accelerate adoption of your software.

Customer eLearning

Adopt Chain partner program provides SaaS vendors our high-impact eLearning course directly to your customers, where it is needed most.

Provide your customers access to “Master Proactive Software User Adoption Strategies” eLearning course!

  • Proven Content: This course provides 25 Lessons on user adoption and change management skills and practices.
  • Action-Focused Delivery: Each lesson offers practical insights that participants can immediately apply.
  • Scalable Training: Ensure a consistent foundation in user adoption best practices across your diverse client base.
  • Onboarding Add-On: A great benefit to new customers, seamlessly integrating into your onboarding process to kick-start their successful software adoption.
  • Adoption Booster: An invaluable resource for existing customers struggling with low adoption, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to maximize their software usage.

Group Coaching

Your customers will have additional questions or specific needs that cannot be fully addressed by any eLearning course.

Adopt Chain partners with you to provide live, expert-led group change management and user adoption coaching sessions to your user community.

  • Community Building: Foster a collaborative environment where participants can share best practices.
  • Real-Time Support: Bi-weekly or monthly live sessions provide ongoing guidance.
  • Reinforced Learning: Complement the eLearning program with interactive discussions.

Empower Your Customers with Live Coaching! 

User Adoption Consulting

For your medium and large customers, we provide comprehensive consulting services to help them manage change and accelerate adoption.

We offer both fixed-price consulting packages and customized consulting solutions to help your customers get the most out of their SaaS investment.

  • Fixed-Price Consulting Packages: We offer defined packages with fixed scope and deliverables, designed to help customers quickly accelerate their user adoption efforts.
  • Deep Dive Sessions: Personalized support and strategic guidance.
  • Maximized Utilization: Overcome organizational barriers to adoption.
  • Customer-Specific Consulting: Our consultants work closely with your larger clients to address their unique adoption challenges with a tailored approach.

Tailored Consulting Solutions! 

Join the Adopt Chain Partner Program And Accelerate User Adoption Of Your Software!