Customer Success Professional Development

Many customer success training programs have great subject matter knowledge but remain theoretical and do not result in improved employee performance. We believe that customer success is most effective when it is applied “on the job” with confidence, impact, and clear performance gains.

Customer Success Professional Development

Does this describe you? 

Many Customer Success teams struggle to:

  • Find and hire experienced CS practitioners.
  • Improve the skills and performance of their existing CS leaders and team members.
  • Provide career growth that attracts and retains top talent.
  • Empower CS teams with the know-how and confidence to make an impact
Success Chain’s professional development program helps you solve these problems quickly 

How You Get Value

Our professional development program focuses on developing strong foundations in customer success. It leverages key CS industry strategies, tactics, and best practices, and develops the soft skills that are critical for high-impact customer engagement.


How It Works

The Success Chain professional development program is a progressive “on the job” program. The typical 6-month program allows participants to learn, put into practice and shine on the job.

The program is available in two tracks: 

Track 1

  • Provides individual or group coaching to help senior leaders:
    • Experienced in customer success but are new to leadership roles.
    • Experienced leaders, but who are new to customer success. 

Track 2

  • Focuses on helping mid-level or junior staff to grow in their career path.
  • Delivered on a 1-1 or group format (10 participants max per group). 

Your Program Includes:

What You Get

*The Success Chain professional development program is accredited by the Customer Success Association (CSA) and is aligned with the Customer Success Competency Standard.

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