Customer Success Pioneer

* Are you a Customer Success Executive or making your way up the Customer Success ladder?
* Do you want to transform churn into maximum recurring revenue and growth?
* Are you looking for a clear route to an established framework?
* Are you determined to be proactive, rather than constantly firefighting, with your customers?
* Is your company invested in or implementing a customer-focused philosophy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!


An amazing Customer Success book by Success Chain Co-Founder Kellie Lucas!

Kellie Lucas Profile Picture

The Customer Success Pioneer is written by Success Chain Co-Founder, Kellie Lucas!  Kellie shares here insights and recommendations for how you can quickly build a high-impact customer success program. You will gain valuable insights and practice steps you can take today!

Customer Success is an emerging discipline for professionals pioneering revenue growth through customer relationships, outcomes, trust, loyalty, retention and referrals.

The Customer Success Pioneer is a practical handbook for creating a best-in-practice Customer Success function from the ground up. It will help you ensure that your existing portfolio of customers become successful partners – delighted, committed and renewing – by putting in place processes that will work across your portfolio and into the future. This book will help you find the essential frameworks to maximise customer retention, recurring revenue and growth, build a productive and balanced team and excel as a Customer Success professional.

Listen to Kellie as she joins The Jasons Take On… podcast to share her insights about customer success!


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