Free Guide - Evaluating Competitive Customer Success Services

Not all customer success services are the same. This free guide gives you the key questions you need to ask to evaluate the customer success services provided by alternative software suppliers.




Customer Success services are not all the same. The more robust and mature the customer success services delivered by the supplier can dramatically reduce risk and increase the likelihood that customers will achieve their business objectives.

But how do you compare and evaluate the various customer success services that alternative suppliers provide?

  • Software buyers should use this guide when doing a vendor selection effort to effectively compare and evaluate the customer success services alternative vendors provide.
  • Software suppliers can also use this guide to critically evaluate their own customer success services and determine if they are market competitive.

This guide contains:

  • 35 Key questions you need to ask every prospective supplier before you buy!
  • Expert Advice to avoid the mistakes many people make when purchasing software.
  • Scoring template to help you compare the effectiveness and value of different vendors.