Why Is Your Customer Success Role Incredibly Important?

Success Chain

The funny thing about technology is it can have a tremendous impact on productivity and effectiveness, yet it can also be a real source of fear and frustration. And with the rapid pace of technological change, many organizations are struggling with how to make software a real source of value.

Time and time again, we’ve seen software buyers and sellers waste their valuable resources (e.g., time, energy, money, reputation etc…) launching software that sits idle. They unintentionally prevent real and measurable value from software by doing the wrong things. For example, organizations (both software buyers and sellers) tend to focus on:

  • Selling the benefits of the software features
  • Providing some training on how to use the software functionality
  • Mandating use of the software
  • Expecting people to use the software as designed and intended

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work because software adoption is not about what the software does. It’s about what the user does, which requires moving beyond the product and focusing on people and behaviors.

It requires teaching your stakeholders to take on something more complicated than just learning how to use the software and helping them change how they perform their jobs on a daily basis.

This is where a lot of organizations struggle because they don’t really know how to enable users to incorporate new behaviors into their daily routines. And this is why the role of Customer Success is so important in helping organizations identify and adapt to the changes (e.g., new processes, functions, roles, responsibilities etc…) that are needed to generate value and achieve the desired business outcomes from the software.