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Learn How You Can Use Success Chain to Quickly Build, Grow and Scale Your Customer Success and User Adoption Programs!

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The Magic of Success Chain

Small, Medium, and Large Organizations

Low, Medium, and High-Touch

Success Chain Helps All!

Success Chain is a unique and powerful program that builds your capacity in change management, user adoption, digital transformation, and customer success unlike anything you have experienced before.

It is specifically designed to drive the mutual success of both suppliers and customers, regardless of the size of their organization. As a service plug-in, Success Chain builds on your previous success efforts to mature your capabilities and capacity, quicker, cheaper, and easier than you can on your own.

If you are just starting your user adoption, digital transformation, or customer success programs, or you have an existing program that you want to scale and mature, Success Chain can help.

Benefits for Suppliers and Customers

The Success Chain program is designed for both Suppliers and Customers, so everyone benefits.

  • If you are a supplier, you can provide access to the full program to both your internal staff and your customer’s staff.
  • If you are a customer, you can also subscribe directly to Success Chain so that you can provide even more of your staff and partners with all the of the benefits that come with the program.

Success Chain will help you achieve greater levels of success from all of your software, technology and tool investments. Learn how it works and contact us with questions. 

Success Chain
Success Chain

Training for Everyone!

Customer Success, Change Management, User adoption, and Digital Transformation Training for Both Suppliers AND customers!

Let’s face it, we are all born novices and need to learn new skills throughout our lives. And we never stop learning.

Learning how to manage change, drive user adoption, transform organizations, and deliver amazing customer success services are skills that we all require, yet few people have developed. Success Chain builds the skills and expertise you, your teams, and your customers need if you are all to be successful.

Success Chain Training is great for:

  • Supplier’s customer success teams
  • Customer’s change management & user adoption teams
  • Onboarding new hires (customers and suppliers)
  • Managers & Supervisors responsible/ for driving user adoption by their teams / direct-reports
  • Executives responsible for ensuring success across their organization

Our unique program structure and approach lets you provide the focused, high-quality education to everyone who needs it. Imaine how much faster, easier, and cheaper it will be to achieve your goals if everyone has the knowledge and skills to make it happen. 

Customer Onboarding

New customers are looking for quick wins and the shortest time to first-value. What better way to make this happen to get every customer to build and execute their own internal success plans?

Incorporate Success Chain into your customer onboarding programs and empower your customers to deliver their own success. The “teach a man to fish” approach empowers your customers by giving them the knowledge, tools, templates, and expert support they need to achieve success on their own.

Simply send customers a link where they can self-register to join your Success Chain team membership or manually set them up with access to the program. Your customers get the training, tools, and support they need to achieve faster results, with less support required from your team. Everyone wins.

Success Chain
Success Chain

Success Planning

Build Mutual Success Plans that Deliver Great Results!

It is terrifying how many organizations make huge investments in tools, software, and technology without any idea how they are going to ensure it is used effectively to deliver clear business outcomes and success.

Success Chain helps you and your customers build realistic, high-impact mutual success plans that make sure everyone achieves their goals. Use our planning tools and process to clearly identify what outcomes you seek and the steps customers and suppliers will take to make it happen.

Your Success Plan becomes a blueprint for your immediate and long-term actions, while also identifying how all parties will achieve their respective goals year after year.

Accelerate User Adoption, Time To First Value, and ROI

Achieving your goals requires you get people to quickly change how they do their jobs on a daily basis, learn new ways of working, and embrace your new tools or technology. This doesn’t just happen. You need to make it happen.

Success Chain uses our proven user adoption training, tools, and methods to guide you in taking the actions necessary to drive fast, effective use of your tools and technology. Following the Success Chain program will help you drive faster, more effective user adoption, across your entire user population.

Success Chain
Success Chain

Renewals & Expansion

Deliver Proven Value to Increase Renewals and Expansions

Customers make their initial buying decision based on hope. They make their renewal decision based on experience and outcomes.

If you want to get your customers to renew and expand, you need to get them to help drive their own success. Success Chain makes this possible.

Surprisingly enough, many customer success managers (CSMs) are also uncomfortable asking customers to renew and expand. Success Chain makes these conversations a breeze!

Success Chain helps you and your customers develop mutual success plans that make sure both suppliers and customers achieve their goals. Your mtuual success plans focus the customer on what they need to achieve success using your products or services in their organization. Theyalso specifically identify what outcomes the customer needs to achieve in order for them to renew and expand.

Get a high-impact, mutual success plan from Success Chain and watch customer outcomes soar and your renewals and expansions increase with ease!

Success Chain for ALL Your Software Investments!

The ultimate power and benefit of Success Chain is that it can be applied to ALL your software and technology investments!

Our Learn – Plan – Deliver methodology makes it easy for you to identify the specific business outcomes you need to achieve and how you will get there, regardless of which specific tool, technology, service, or software you purchase.  Once you have mastered the Success Chain techniques you will want to use them on ALL your technology investments across you organization!

Success Chain
Success Chain

Scale Your Success Program Without Adding New Staff

Headcount Alone Doesn't Scale!

What is the best way to scale the reach and impact of your success program? Build the capacity of others to drive their own success!

Success Chain’s “Teach a man to fish” approach builds the capacity of everyone who participates to drive success in their organization. By enabling people to do more for themselves, it reduces the demand on your team to support others. This allows you to have a bigger impact, without adding headcount.

Hiring and training staff is time consuming and very expensive. It takes months to hire staff, train them, and get them fully up to speed. Before you higher your next success professional, try Success Chain. You will get a bigger impact, faster and cheaper than you can hire even 1 staff member!

Improve Internal Alignment

One of the hardest things is getting your entire internal team on driving successful outcomes for you and your customers. Yet, since you and your customers are mutually dependent to achieve your own success, it is more important than ever that all parts of your organization are working effectively toward the same goals.

Success Chain helps! Success Chain makes it fast, easy, and affordable to provide all of your internal staff the common understanding, language, tools, and processes they need to ensure they are contributing to the same success goal.

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