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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

- Albert Einstein
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Let’s face it, the approach that many suppliers and customers take to driving success does not work. Yet, they keep doing it, over and over again, without getting a better result. Crazy, huh?

You need something better. You need to do something different that will deliver results. You need Success Chain.

Success Chain is built to help you keep doing the things that are working, stop doing the things that are holding you back, and fill in the gaps in your approach, so you get a better result.

What Needs to Change

There many opportunities to get a better result with your change management, user adoption, digital transformation, and customer success efforts.

Here are just a few areas where Success Chain helps you get better results, with less time, effort, and cost. 

Success Chain

Improve How You Approach Training, Learning, and Professional Development!

See if this sounds familiar: You ask your team to improve their skills or do things they haven’t done before. You naturally assume you need a training course. Training is expensive (often costing over $1,000 per person, per day), so you can only afford to send a few people to a short 1 or 2-day course. They complete the course, but you don’t see the improvement you expect. A few months later you think that all that time and money spent on training was a giant waste!

Traditional training approaches don’t work. Problems include:

  1. Training is limited to just a few people or small teams when what you really need is to grow the skills of many people.
  2. Delivering effectively to large groups of people is cost-prohibitive.
  3. Training is delivered as a one-off course or event. What you really need is a progressive learning program that provides ongoing learning and support to your team.

Switch From Deployment/Go-Live Focus to Sustained Outcomes Focus

Too many change management and customer success programs are naively and narrowly focused on getting tools deployed on-time and on-budget, only to be disappointed by what happens next.

Don’t even think about investing in tools and technology without having a clearly define and realistic plan for how you will get your desired outcomes out of it!

 You need to make sure you have an approach that:

  1. Accelerates how quickly you start getting value out of your investments.
  2. Identifies the specific behaviors your staff needs to take to effectively adopt your new tool, process, or software into their daily work practices.
  3. Delivers the plans, resources, and actions you need to ensure you actually achieve your measurable goals.
  4. Helps you sustain and evolve your use of tools to ensure you continue to achieve success year after year!
Success Chain
Success Chain

Stop One-Off Efforts and Start Ongoing Success Efforts

Many change management efforts are narrowly focused on providing product training and communications at go-live. While the initial change is important, it doesn’t stop there.

Change is constant. You get new employees, new releases of the supplier’s products, new government regulations, new competitors, and even the occasional pandemic. When surrounded by constant change, you need a success approach that also evolves.

You need to:

  1. Stop focusing on change and success as one-off needs.
  2. Embrace the ability to quickly pivot and drive fast, sustainable change, at scale, as a core capacity and strategic differentiator.
  3. Put in place ongoing change and success programs, including assigning staff and allocating required resources, so that you evolve and sustain success year after year.

Embrace a Long-Term, Mutual Success Mindset and Approach

Suppliers and customers need to abandon long-held views of their relationship that focus on maximizing their own short-term interests at the expense of long-term mutual success.

Historically, customers want to spend the least amount of money and bully their suppliers for free stuff. Suppliers over-promise (or sometimes lie) in order to get the most amount of money out of the customer in the short-term. And both parties suffer because of it.

Instead, suppliers and customers need to recognize that they are all connected. Both parties succeed or fail together. It is NOT a zero-sum game.

Suppliers and customers need to focus on collaborating more effectively, building the success capabilities in both parties, and actively working to ensure everyone achieves success.

Success Chain

Why Success Chain Works

Success chain works because it is a new approach that addresses all the problems identified above. Success chain:

  1. Is focused on mutual success. 
  2. Builds the capacity of both suppliers and customers, so they can best help themselves and each other achieve success.
  3. Enables large-scale training and development for all – no more paying too much to train just a few people.
  4. Provides for ongoing learning and development.
  5. Fits in with your existing programs, to allow you to grow and scale your reach and impact.
  6. Is applicable to all of your internal success/user adoption programs, as well as your externally-facing customer success programs.

In short, Success Chain enables you to help more people, move faster, get better results, cheaper, and faster than you can on your own.

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