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A Refreshingly New Approach to Success

A collaborative approach that works!

Success Chain is an innovative new approach to help both suppliers and customers achieve greater levels of success than ever. Success Chain connects suppliers and customers to help both parties achieve more than they can on their own.

Success Chain is based on these pillars:

  • In the subscription world, the success of suppliers and customers is inextricably linked. Neither can succeed if the other fails.
  • Success requires that both parties increase their knowledge, ability, and capacity to drive organizational change and get people to confidently embrace technology and new ways of working.
  • Traditional approaches to training, change management, and success are not working. We need something new.
  • Learning and change are constant. One-off training programs alone will not work. Success requires an ongoing program to help people, technology, and organizations evolve year after year.
  • Learning and change is specific to each individual. To be effective, you need an infinitely scalable approach that is accessible to all individuals in an organization.

Success Chain is designed to build the capacity and expertise of individuals and organizations. We take a “teach a man to fish” approach that provides the learning, tools and support that you need to quickly achieve success, and then sustain it year after year. 

Success Chain enables you to focus on your most pressing needs and then mature your capabilities over time.

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Our story

We are stronger when we are all connected

Success Chain is the result of a collaborative effort by three co-founders who are passionate leaders in the fields of customer success, change management, digital transformation and user adoption.

Kellie Lucas, Sue Nabeth Moore, and Jason Whitehead have achieved tremendous individual success in founding and leading their own training and consulting companies. By chance or by fate, they first connected when they were all presenting at a customer success conference in London.

The three quickly realized that their shared passion, experience, humor, energy, mutual respect and potential to help others was exponentially increased when working together.

Success Chain quickly emerged to fill gaps in our highly connected world and help suppliers and customers drive mutual success and achieve more than ever before!

Meet Our Team

Kellie Lucas Profile Picture

Kellie Lucas


Kellie is long-time leader in customer success and IT effectiveness. She leads clients in launching and optimizing customer success programs. Kellie is author of “The Customer Success Pioneer: The first 12 months of your journey into growth

Sue Nabeth Moore Profile Picture

Sue Nabeth Moore


Sue  is a customer success leader, consultant, trainer, and coach. She has an exceptional record of building and leading customer success teams and helping clients optimize their CS programs. Sue also is an expert in change management and helping organizations drive effective adoption of new tools and technology. 

Jason Whitehead Profile Picture

Jason C. Whitehead


Jason is a leader in IT user adoption and customer success. He helps teams and organizations confidently embrace technology so they achieve audacious success. Jason is also co-host of the podcast, “The Jasons Take On…” that advocates for bold customer success.